Current Version Version: 3.31
Author GClue
Price $2.00
Description iKoto is an application for playing Koto(Japanese Harp) on iPhone. Koto is a Japanese traditional stringed musical instrument that can produce oriental tone. Recording, playing, and demonstration functions are installed. There are tone scale change and pitch-bend functions. If you like Harp, you will like Koto too. Enjoy Japanese traditional sound. The following three pieces of sample music are installed. -Sakura -Rokudan -Fur Elise Recording data can be stored up to three. iKoto has a function to output recording-data into PC as WAV-file via WiFi. The following eleven tones scale are preset. Hira,Kumoi,Hon-Kumoi,Han-Kumoi,Kata-Kumoi Nakazora,Iwato,Akebono,Nogi,Gaku,Hanagumo *Be sure your iPhone is not in silent mode*

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