Current Version Version: 1.6.3
Author Vectorform LLC
Price $2.00
Description *Create your own songs from a large library of over 40 audio loops.

*Record your sessions and play them back with full multi-touch automation.

SurfaceDJ is a fun and simple to use music mixing application featuring over 40 custom loops created by Vectorform's multi-touch developer and basement musician, DJ Kev.

With 5 default songs and over 40 custom loops to choose from, you can create personal mixes that are all your own. Record your mixes and play them back for all your fans. Both novices and experienced musicians alike will find SurfaceDJ to be a fun, easy and unique way to interact with music.

SurfaceDJ is the premiere music experience from Vectorform. Watch for more to come from Vectorform, leaders in multi-touch solutions.

Coming Soon:
- Share your songs with other SurfaceDJs

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