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-featured in Apple's staff favorites!
-reviewed in Computer Music magazine and received a 9/10!


Jasuto now uses the same great synthesis engine as Jasuto Pro, but with the following disabled:

-sample creation, i.e. draw mode.
-granular loop mode for samples.
-audio clipboards, both Intua's and Sonoma's.
-ADSR envelope editor.
-phaser, shaper 1/2, xFade.
-sequencer is limited to 16 beats (1 bar).
-numerical conversion (e.g. beats to time, etc...).

Jasuto can still load scenes with the Pro modules, but you won't be able to copy them or save a scene that includes them. Also the Pro version will be getting native iPad support very soon.


Jasuto is worlds first (and most powerful) modular synthesizer for the iDevices.

Jasuto allows you to visually construct your own synths/effects, and use them to make sequences all on your device!

Jasuto uses the relative position of nodes and their connections to control the sound. So the scene not only represents the synthesis structure, but also a custom multi-touch control surface. Motion can be recorded per node giving you rich, flexible automation.

Connections can be created automatically by simply dragging nodes around, or manually. Each wire can be double-tapped to allow even more control of each connection.

Jasuto comes installed with more than 40 modules. Each of the modules have been hand-optimized for your device's CPU, allowing you to create extremely complex scenes.

Jasuto has a built-in FTP server, so you can efficiently transfer files to/from your device using your OS or FTP client. Also the new scene browser has the ability to download/upload/rate user created content from the ever growing community, all from within the app!


-anti-aliased oscillators with hard-sync, FM, PWM, PM.
-analog style filters (lp, hp, bp, ladder emulation).
-signal control (compressor, limiter, gate, follower).
-zoomable sampler editor with several loop modes (normal, 1 shot, ping).
-multi octave sequencer.
-tape style analog delay.
-reverb, several waveshapers.
-scene sharing with the interwebs.
-realtime resampling/recording.