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Description IMPORTANT: this is the page for the original Simplify application. A new, "pro" version called Simplify Music 2 is now available with search, seek, resume, favorites, playlist creation on-the-fly and the ability to send and receive invitations using your iPhone or iPod touch.

The iTunes URL for the new version is:


"It's hard to overstate how useful this is. Simplify Media shares your library so that you can access your music remotely, via iTunes or their fantastic iPhone client. You can also access friends' libraries directly through iTunes, as if they were connected to your LAN. Downloading isn't enabled, but Simplify more than makes up for that with dead-easy setup and reliable streaming." - John Herman, Gizmodo, March 2009


Access your home computer’s digital music library on your iPhone or iPod Touch, anytime and anywhere with Simplify Media. This app will also enable you to stream music from up to 30 of your friends’ music collections, while viewing artists bios too.

In three easy steps, Simplify Media connects people directly with their content.

1. Download the application from the App Store.
2. Create an account using Simplify Media on a Mac, PC or Linux
3. On your computer, remote music appears right within iTunes

- Works over WiFi and EDGE/3G
- Easy setup; no router configuration
- View artist bios
- Navigate by artist, album and genre
- Scrobble songs played to your profile
- Supports MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC and WMA files
- Now with Compilations and Repeat

- iTunes-purchased DRM tracks can’t be played remotely
- LyricWiki lyrics are no longer available. we are researching alternatives


- Gizmodo’s 20 Essential iPhone Apps
- TechCrunch’s Top 10 Apps
- PCMag’s 21 Cool iPhone Apps
- Blender’s “The Best List 2008”
- PC Magazine’s 4 star review
- MacWorld: “Best music-streaming app” and one of “Our Favorite iPhone Apps”

“The biggest advantage of Simplify Media is that it lives up to its name: the program is straight forward and easy, doing precisely what it sets out to do. …it delivers on the promise that it makes: that no matter where you go, there your music library is.” – MacWorld

“…tested it out while riding on a computer train in New Jersey – and songs stored in California and New York City streamed in loud and clear.” – Fortune Magazine