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New! Bento 4® is the newest version of the most popular personal database for Mac. Now you can organize contacts, track projects, plan events and manage things – the fast, fun, and easy way! Use it standalone or synchronize with Bento for iPhone or Bento for iPad, sold separately.


“Bento keeps track of all our clients, their progress and training programs. We even store photos and videos to analyze and improve their form. It's easy to use and customize. I wouldn't think about using anything else.” Heather Welborn, Personal Trainer

“There’s a lot to keep track of on a ranch, and I wouldn't be able to do it without my Mac and Bento.” Wendy Lee, Rancher

“I saw that Bento offered an easier way to organize things. This is pretty much a personal assistant for me.” Heather St. Marie, Singer & Band Member, Hydrovibe

“We deal with every aspect of the business and that keeps us busy. I saw Bento and knew right away that we should try it out.” Andrew Titus, Lawyer


Use Bento to organize contacts, track projects, plan events and manage things – the fast, fun and easy way! Bento helps you do all this and more:

- Organize contacts and customers

- Track projects and task lists

- Plan events and meetings

- Manage things and much more


Bento is the most popular personal database for Mac because it’s easy to use, easy to customize, and very affordable.

- Comes with 35 pre-designed, ready to use templates for organizing virtually any type of information you have, including contacts, customers, projects, events, products for sale, equipment, inventory, digital media, expenses, website logins, membership lists, notes, expenses, to-do lists, and more.

- Brings together Address Book with iCal so you can see your names, numbers, appointments, meetings and to-do items - all on one screen.

- Links to iPhoto and lets you track virtually unlimited information about your multimedia files and photos.

- Displays your information in beautiful forms that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

- Provides quick sorting, advanced searching, and password protection.

- Prints mailing labels, name badges and inventory stickers with a few clicks.

- Allows sharing across a network, just like iTunes or iPhoto, for up to 5 Bento users.

- Gives you instant access to details when you're away from your Mac when you use it with Bento for iPad or Bento for iPhone, both sold separately.


Already have Bento 3 installed? Learn more at

Already have Bento for iPhone and/or Bento for iPad installed? Please download the free update before synchronizing with Bento 4 for Mac.


  • Print labels with ease and no layout hassles
  • Better form printing options
  • Enhanced Simple Lists and GPS-oriented field types
  • Templates can now be exported with data.


  • Printed forms still look subpar
  • GPS field type of limited value if you're not using one of the Bento iOS apps
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