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Description *Now AirPlay Enabled, and seven free classes. Introducing FitnessClass - the only marketplace for real-time, on-demand fitness video workouts, right on your iPad. Choose from a selection of 300+ fitness classes by PumpOne and a collection of the world's elite fitness instructors with a la carte iTunes-style prices. Get 30 Day access to a class, or get it forever. FitnessClass lets you stream workout videos over WiFi or 3G while you listen to your own music (iOS 4+) and get interactive. Choose a new, different class every day, see estimated calorie counts for each class, post your completed status to Facebook & Twitter and keep track of every workout you perform. FITNESSCLASS -300+ Real-time fitness videos -Seven Full Free Classes to try it out -Workouts range from 10-90 minutes -Search by time, equipment, goal and more -Choice of 30-Day or unlimited access to an individual class -Listen to your own music (PumpOne classes, requires iOS 4) -Over 50 innovative PumpOne HD workouts -AirPlay enabled to play classes on your TV via Apple TV CHOOSE CLASSES by *Goal - Abs & Core, Weight Loss, Strength, Endurance, Toning, Arms, Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Stability, etc. *Time - 15 minutes or less, 30-45 minutes, 1 hour or more, etc. *Equipment - Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX, Med Ball, Bodyweight, Swiss Ball, BOSU, Tubing, etc. *Instructor - Kathy Smith, Cathe Friedrich, Chris Freytag, Ellen Barrett, Ilaria Montagnani, Michael Olajide Jr., Patricia Moreno, Patrick Goudeau and a lot more. *Company - STOTT PILATES, Acacia Fitness, Fitness Anywhere, WillPowerFit, Martial Fusion, Powerstike, Aerospace and more. FEATURES -Login with your FitnessBuilder ID, Facebook Connect or create a new free account -Mix in your own iPod app music (designed for PumpOne workouts) -Streaming technology keeps your place to resume if you leave the app -Post and read workout video reviews -Post completed class status to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed -A la carte iTunes-style pricing -30 Day ClassPass lets you access your class as many times as you want for 30 days -PurchaseClass gives you unlimited streaming access (a download center is coming in an update) -Automatically keep track of each time & date a class is performed -Fill out your profile to calculate your estimated calories burned per class -Visual Difficulty meter rates each class intensity -No account setup required to preview all the classes -Access company information, instructor bios and class descriptions -ASK questions to PumpOne right from the app -Class Bundles give you multiple classes at discounted prices -Entire app supports Landscape and Portrait modes IMPORTANT NOTICE -Each class is an a la carte purchase -You do not need to login to preview the classes -All classes stream using your WiFi or 3G internet access -A Download center is in the works for an update to view workouts offline -Make sure to read the class description and watch the preview before purchasing -These are in-app purchases through iTunes and are not refundable. For more information, visit

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