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Price $4.00
Description The destiny of the pink bunnies is in your hands. They desperately need your help to survive. Their world has been infested with malicious and wicked cannibal bunnies. Use your agility, speed and logic to prevent them from being cruelly crunched by the evil bunnies. Cannibal Bunnies features hours of game play, 66 levels spread in four different worlds and one bonus level for the experts who have defied the evil and rescued the complete population of bunnies. Accept this unique challenge and test your skills and force to beat the enemy. Expect to encounter lots of bunnies in your quest.

… This is a simple, strangely addictive, delightfully twisted game. //

... The game runs flawlessly, and is fantastic to play. It’s refreshing to play a game that’s equally as addictive as the more popular iPad titles, but is entirely original in both gameplay and ridiculous premise. Rated: 4/5. //

… Cannibal Bunnies is a-freakin-mazing. This game just oozes with sick and twisted style and, dare I say, charm. From the menacing and beautifully rendered intro film to the outstanding character art and animation, it is obvious that this will be a quality game that reeks of polish. //

… Complete with a humorous video to start I knew after some research this was a game worth my money because it would give me several hours of distraction. Overall I give this game a 9/10. //

… This game is a fresh addition to the app store. It has very catchy background music, and superb graphics. The gameplay flows very smoothly and is entertaining. I would recommend it for any iPad users looking for a clever and fun game. //


With this version 1.4, the new Easter world added gives you a total 66 different levels to play. Levels are spread in 4 worlds: FORESTS, CANYONS AND DESERTS, CAVES AND VOLCANOS, and EASTER.

The game can be played in full zoom-in scale or in two zoom-out scales. Each scale provides a different entertainment and challenge. When playing in a zoom-out scale, zooming in or out is permitted while playing. Cages will glow when a bunny is properly positioned to enter a cage. Automatic scrolling will occur if you hold a bunny and reach the screen boundary.

If you find a level too difficult, just change the game player style and you will get help to pass the level. The selected player style affects the player’s overall rating displayed in the inventory.

Pace is too fast? More difficult than expected? The game includes 4 difficulty settings: HARD, NORMAL, CAUTIOUS, and EASY. This sets the pace of the bunnies and determines when the red devils will kick off.