Current Version Version: 1.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Developer Warner Bros. Entertainment
Price $1.00
Filed Under Games
Age rating 12+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G S
  • iPad


Happy St. Patrick's Day Tapper World Tour Fans!!! ***SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY LAUNCH PRICE - for a limited time only!*** ----------------------------------------- CRITICS AGREE... TAPPER WORLD TOUR SERVES UP THE PERFECT CONCOCTION OF ADDICTING GAMEPLAY AND GORGEOUS VISUALS!!! "Tapper World Tour revitalizes a retro hit not just for longtime fans like me, but new gamers that never had the distinct pleasure of stepping up to a Tapper cabinet in a smoky arcade." (IGN - 8.5 out of 10) "If you were a fan of the original Tapper games or if you enjoy a good fast-paced arcade experience, then Tapper World Tour will satisfy." - TouchArcade "Constructed with quality top of mind, this is a superb remake and a shining example of how to do arcade gameplay right on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad." - (Pocketgamer 8 out of 10) "Now this is how you do a remake." - ( - 4 out of 5) “…it is fairly addictive.” – (148Apps – 4 out of 5) --------------------------------------- "IT’S BACK… AND BETTER THAN EVER!" Tapper, the beloved 1980’s arcade classic, makes its long awaited debut in an all-new version made exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! In Tapper World Tour, you’ll serve drinks to an eccentric cast of characters across a variety of outlandish locations. With a brand new story line, stunning graphics, challenging gameplay, and animations from the legendary Don Bluth, it’s up to you…SERVE OR BE SERVED! “I’M BACK!!!” The beloved bartender Sam is back, and this time he has company. Sam has enlisted his vivacious and beautiful daughter Nikki as his partner in crime for a journey around the globe. Join Nikki, as Sam shows her the tricks of the trade as they travel the globe and encounter a variety of crazy customers. . Tapper World Tour sets the ”bar” for iOS… in more ways than one! “ON THE ROCKS” Start off by choosing which character you want to play and then head out on your wild adventure. Once you arrive at each location, you have three or more counter tops to manage. Patrons arrive sporadically at the end of each bar and slowly advance towards you demanding drinks. Serve each customer by filling a glass with their drink of choice and sliding it down the bar towards them. Once caught, the satisfied patron gulps it down and is pushed back a short distance. The goal is to continue serving drinks until all patrons are pushed out of the bar. As the game progresses, the customers become harder to please, appear more frequently, request different drinks, move faster and get pushed back shorter distances. Collect tips to gain lives all-new power-ups to gain an advantage, or activate the live entertainment to distract patrons while you catch up with their drink orders. Manage your bar skillfully to clear the entire lot of customers to proceed to the next level. “SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED” - Over 100 Levels in 11 different locations - Over 40 Casual Levels - Over 50 Expert Levels(Unlocked after completing story mode) - 2 Game Modes - Story – Follow Sam and Nikki as they travel the world - Endless Shift – Survive an endless shift of customers in each unlocked bar, racking up points along the way - Eye-Popping Art and Animation - Created by legendary animator Don Bluth and team - ALL-NEW “Drink Swapping” – Switch between different drinks, depending on what each patron - ALL-NEW “Power-Ups” – From the “Happy Potion” to the “Bar Clearer” to help you along the way - ALL-NEW Mini-Games – Take a break from the action - Game Center Integration – Earn achievements and climb the ranks on the leaderboards - iPad ONLY – Manage up to 5 bars in one level Check out these other exciting WB apps: - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Harry Potter: Spells - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Sherlock Holmes Myste

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