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Description **Landmark Finder has over 25,000 locations worldwide, including 15,000 in the United States alone.** **CONTRIBUTE YOUR OWN LOCATION by going to Also see where all the locations are in the United States and browse by category and rating.** **We have a growing database of locations, but something near you may not be added. Don't sweat! Go to and add something interesting near you. We might approve it and it will appear on your iPhone next time you load the application!** **Please don't post a bad review if you don't see anything near you. That just means we haven't gotten around to adding it yet. You can help us out by going to and submitting a location for review!** ** - contribute a location and we'll put it in the app!** Our "best covered" areas in the United States: New York Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco Boston Washington, DC/Baltimore/Richmond Miami Philadelphia St. Louis Dallas Houston ...and more! Our "best covered" areas worldwide: London Paris Moscow Buenos Aires Rome Athens Istanbul Cape Town Beijing New Delhi …and more! **ABOUT LANDMARK FINDER** Landmark Finder is the premier attraction, sightseeing, and historical event finding tool for any traveler! Using your location, let Landmark Finder guide you to noteworthy landmarks in both walking and driving distances from you. Our hand-picked sites ensure your satisfaction. What our customers have to say about Landmark Finder: •The Nellster calls Landmark Finder a "Fabulous application, you simply can't get a better bang for your buck!" •Appleuzer gives Landmark Finder 5 stars and proclaims "Hop in your car, hit up a nearby city, fire up Landmark Finder, and enjoy an inexpensive getaway anytime." •MSM8 says Landmark Finder is "an app that should not be ignored." **FEATURES** •See where famous people lived. •Discover where important battles were fought. •See where championship teams played •Experience where natural disasters took place. •Discover great works of architecture, interesting neighborhoods, and exciting infrastructure! •Marvel in exotic parks. •Witness Engineering marvels. •Learn about museums, parks, and hotels to spend the night. ...and an ever increasing collection of sites! Landmark Finder covers the entire USA including: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, San Jose, Detroit, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and many more cities! Landmark Finder covers world cities including: London, Paris, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Cape Town, Beijing, New Delhi, and many more! From the savvy business traveler, to the family on vacation, enjoy recession-friendly fun anywhere you are with Landmark Finder.

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