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Description OS 3.0 Users -
User confirmation before dialing is now required by Apple's OS 3.0. Previous OS versions allowed App Store applications to "Autodial" without confirmation. We hope Autodial is allowed again in a future Apple OS version. (Please contact Apple for any requests about this OS feature.)

Usability, accuracy, & features have made Say Who the most popular voice dialer on the iPhone:

+ Voice dial a CONTACT on mobile, home, or work
+ HEAR CONFIRMATION before auto-dialing
+ LOOK UP a contact's information
+ LAUNCH SMS to open a new, blank message to that contact
+ Say any ADDRESS
+ GOOGLE MAPS launches

VOICE DIAL CONTACTS – Download & immediately say any contact (first name, last name, or both). You can include "Home", "Office", "Mobile" too. Then wait and it auto-dials. For example, say:

"Michelle Green"
"Michelle on MOBILE"
"Michelle Green at HOME"

SAY PHONE NUMBERS – Say any valid phone number. For example, say:

"5 5 5 0 2 4 5"
"6 1 7 5 5 5 1 9 3 2"
"4 1 1"

HEAR AUDIO CONFIRMATION -- Say Who repeats what it heard before auto-dialing. So you don't need to look at the screen to confirm.

VOICE SEARCH GOOGLE MAPS -- Say any business search, address, or point of interest (U.S. only). Google Maps launches with listings, locations, and directions. For example, say:
"Delfina Restaurant"
"gas station"
"275 Broadway"
"Golden Gate Bridge"
"Market & 4th Street"

LAUNCH SMS -- Ask for a contact, then choose SMS option to launch a new text message. (Note: Does not take SMS dictation.)

LOOK UP Contacts – Ask for a contact, then browse or edit contact information as if you were in the Contacts application.

Set AUTO-DIAL & other USER OPTIONS – Set your preferences for Audio Playback, AutoDial, Delay, Vibrate, Cues, & more. (Set AutoDial ON to automatically dial after you speak.)

SPEED DIAL or NICKNAMES -- Edit a contact's Nickname field to get speed dial, so you can say "Mom" or "One".

For highest accuracy, Say Who processes your spoken input on our servers with powerful speech recognition technology that won't fit on the iPhone. For the dialer function, your contact names are used in an anonymous manner and only to compare against what you say. No other data is utilized – see our complete privacy policy at:

TROUBLESHOOTING ------------------------------

1. App shutting down when trying to Autodial?

This bug has been fixed. Please update to the current application version (2.1323 or later).

2. Getting error codes "50" or "110"?

Please email us and we'll help correct that:

3. Not hearing Audio Playback?

Your iPhone has 3 settings that make it play audio (or not). To ensure Say Who plays audio confirmation, please confirm the following 3 settings:
# 1. Don't mute
- Toggle the on/off switch on left side of phone.
# 2. Set Ringer volume to high
- Go to home screen (press Home button). Then use volume control on left side of phone.
# 3. Set Application volume to high
- Open Say Who first. Then use volume control on left side of phone. (Do while Say Who is open.)

4. In the U.S. but getting "out of region" error when using the Address tab?

To Fix:
* Open up your Settings application
* Select "General"
* Scroll down and select "International"
* Set Region Format to "United States" if different
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