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Price $1.00
Description Introductory pricing of just $0.99! Will go up in price in one week from release! Compositions is a multiplatform, Dropbox enabled text editor app that is focused on content creation. It features a minimalist interface, a custom file format that gives it unique features not found in other text editors, and synchronization logic built from the ground up. You can use the snapshot feature to freeze versions of your document, so that you can easily revert back to them if you ever have the need. Snapshots are saved along with the file, and carried from device to device. If you're a Mac user, you can download Compositions for Mac for free on the Mac App Store, and edit the files with ease! If you don't have Compositions for Mac, you can export your document as a .txt file at any time, and re-import the edited .txt file as a snapshot, allowing you to still make changes on your computer. FEATURE LIST -Minimalist design -Dropbox powered synchronization -TextExpander support -Full screen mode -Choose your own folder to sync to in Dropbox -Import and export .txt files at any time -Free Mac version from the Mac App Store to edit files with ease -Works offline and online -Lock orientation in landscape and portrait mode ABOUT CAPPARSA Our site Follow us on Twitter: Search for us on Facebook! Read our blog: