Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Merge Mobile, Inc.
Price Free
Description Thousands of kids have enjoyed ClickySticky, which was recently recognized as one of the 2010 Hot Trend Apps by Apple. "Apps in 2010 that reached new heights of productivity, creativity - and dare we say - magic." Now there's ClickySticky Easter! Your children will love to build a Easter Bunnies, Decorate Easter Eggs, Fill the Easter Basket with Cookies and Candy, and hide eggs all over the yard! Check out our app video trailer: Directions: 1. Tap and hold a sticker. 2. Drag the sticker to the scene. To remove a sticker: Drag it to the top of the screen and let go. You can also double tap the sticker and tap the trashcan. To change the direction of a sticker: Double tap it and tap the arrow icon. Hint: Shake your iPad to remove all stickers from the scene.

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