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Description Discover the power of a professional sky atlas in the palm of your hand. Point telescopes easily on faint objects using the eyepiece mode. Prepare your observations with the automatic selection of tonight's best objects. With Starmap Pro Edition, add the power of desktops' planetariums to your iPhone™ and iPod Touch™.

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2 500 000 stars • Tycho 2 catalog • SAO catalog • 8300 stars with physical characteristics • Maximum magnitude 16 • Messier catalog • Full NGC/IC catalogs • 13 000 deep sky objects with physical characteristics • Complete ephemeris for 25 000 sky objects • Full solar system ephemeris, including planets satellites • Moon phase calendar • Meteor zones • Searches by text and ids • Featured objects selection • Automatic selection of the best observable objects.

Eyepiece view with real apparent sizes of objects • Optics database with barlows, focal reducers, CCDs, finders • Dual and single reticles • Equatorial and azimuthal reticles • Fast change of optics with pinch and zoom • Eyepiece mode swapping with a simple device flip.

Full night vision red mode • Sky twilight and stars brightness adjustment • Telrad • Orientation and search arrow • Photos timers • Logbook • Notes • Alarms on sky objects events • Live time changer • Integrated lamp • Supports portrait and landscape mode • Compass support for 3GS • Coordinates display • Full control of colors of map items • 500 cities database • User locations • GPS and auto-location support.