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Description "If you are an artist with an iPad® and don't use Procreate; you are crazy. If you don't yet have an iPad®, Procreate is the reason to get one." Blue Ember Studios (@blue_ember) Procreate is the only studio-grade sketchbook for iPad®. Whether you're storyboarding the next Hollywood blockbuster, illustrating a kid's book or a casual artist, Procreate puts you in a league of your own. Packed with over 45 professional brushes ranging from true-to-life sets of sketching pencils and gorgeous paint brushes, to impossible abstract brushes. Procreate is a professional studio of tools at your finger tips. Procreate paints fast. Really fast. This is due to our game-changing OpenGL® ES 2.0 painting engine, Silica™. Made exclusively for iPad®, Silica™ uses the powerful GPU in your iPad® to achieve results impossible in other apps. Deep 48-bit colour painting, a liquid-silk smudge tool and enormous brush sizes are all possible in a crisp retina resolution while remaining completely lag-free. Procreate has pioneered the way by fusing ground-breaking brush architecture with the easiest and most powerful brush creation available today. Watch each stroke come to life as a smoke brush twists and turns as you paint or how a realistic, organic brush behaves differently with every stroke. Take those brushes to a canvas bigger than a Blu-ray® movie and you'll capture incredible detail like never before on a mobile device. By the way, don't worry about making a mistake. You've got 16 HD layers and 100 undo/redo states to keep you safe. You won't even notice it, but Procreate saves every…single…stroke. Besides keeping you in the zone, you can always expect to come back to exactly the same spot you left it every time. Procreate all boils down to intelligent design; the deceptively simple UI keeps you in the creative zone by putting the features you use most right up front. With this attention to detail your creativity has no bounds. ★ Studio-grade features: ✓ Custom painting engine Silica™ ✓ Incredibly smooth and responsive painting (precision & performance) ✓ Full retina support for new iPad® ✓ HD canvas size: 1920 x 1408px (iPad® 2 or greater) ✓ 64-bit painting engine ✓ Delicious smudge tool ✓ Unparalleled 1024 x 1024 texel brush textures give incredibly sharp results ✓ Create, duplicate, modify and organise brushes ✓ Max 724px brush size (imagine a third of your screen on the new iPad®!) ✓ Multi-threading for faster load times ★ Evolved brush system: ✓ Realistic stroke taper ✓ Synthetic pressure sensitivity ✓ Over 25 customisable settings for every brush ✓ Chose from over 50 shapes from the Pro Library ✓ Import ANY image/photo as a brush grain or shape! ✓ Realtime preview of brush adjustments ✓ Individual tool size/opacity memory ★ Advanced layering system: ✓ A whopping 16 Layers (yes, even in HD!) ✓ Create, delete and re-order layers ✓ Transform, duplicate, fill and clear a layer ✓ Lock layer alpha ✓ Merge layers up and down ✓ 6 blend modes ✓ Adjust layer opacity with live thumbnail preview ★ Simple and efficient Interface: ✓ Continuous auto-save—never loose work again ✓ Import images from Photos to your canvas ✓ Flip canvas horizontally and vertically ✓ Rapidly adjust the brush size/opacity on the fly ✓ Realtime brush size/opacity preview ✓ 100 levels of undo and redo ★ Multi-touch gesture implementation: ✓ Two finger zoom & rotate canvas ✓ Three finger tap to show 1:1 pixels ✓ 3 finger Z-motion – Instant clear layer  ✓ Quick-pinch shortcut for fit-to-screen ✓ Three finger swipe (left/right) for undo/redo ✓ Tap and hold eyedropper shortcut ★ Artwork Gallery: ✓ Super-simple drag & drop organising ✓ Create artwork stacks and name them ✓ Export to your artwork to Photos, iTunes, Twitter and email ✓ Support for layered PSD, transparent PNG

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