Current Version Version: 3.0.3
Developer Chris Cornelis
Price $5.00
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Age rating 4+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G S
  • iPad


GeoLogTag acts as a GPS data logger and a geotagger (JPEG and RAW supported) for photos taken with any digital camera. The combination makes it a unique geotagging solution for Mac, Windows and Flickr users.
The exposed functionality of GeoLogTag depends on where you store and manage your photos.

*** Mac users (Mac OS 10.5 or higher) ***
With GeoLogTag, you don't need a separate GPS data logger or a geotagging application on your Mac and your workflow becomes very simple:
- Let GeoLogTag track your location, while you're shooting photos (with any digital camera).
- After your photoshoot, capture your photos in a folder on your Mac.
- Let GeoLogTag geotag your photos in the (shared) folder over WiFi.
- Import the geotagged photos in iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, ...

For JPEG photos, GeoLogTag embeds the location in your photos (EXIF) and for RAW photos a sidecar XMP file is created. Supported RAW formats are Nikon (NEF), Canon (CR2), Sony (ARW, SR2), Olympus (ORF), Pentax (PEF), Kodak (DCR, KDC), Epson (ERF), Panasonic (RAW, RW2), Mamiya (MEF) and Hasselblad (3FR).
Note: Aperture 3 imports some of the metadata from RAW sidecar XMP files, but not the GPS information. Use the GPX track log to geotag your RAW photos with Aperture 3.
The geotagging process is tested with photos of 3000+ different digital cameras.

If you want to use the locations tracked by GeoLogTag for other purposes like displaying a track on Google Earth use the exported GPX file.

*** Windows users ***
GeoLogTag turns your iPhone into a GPS data logger. Use the exported GPX file in combination with a geotagging application for Windows like RoboGeo ( or GeoSetter ( to put location information in your photos.

*** Flickr users ***
GeoLogTag directly geotags photos uploaded to Flickr. The workflow is similar to the Mac workflow except that you have to upload your photos to Flickr (instead of to a Mac). Note that for Flickr photos the location is NOT stored in the photo itself. Flickr stores the location "somewhere" separately.

There is also a free version of GeoLogTag available that gives you the possibility to try it out before buying the full version.

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