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Description *** Rangefinder + Detailed Scoring + Statistics – A true ALL-IN-ONE Golf Solution ***

Top five reasons why AirVue Golf is the golfer’s best choice:
1. Easy to understand GPS rangefinder - All important distances on one screen for quick viewing. Other apps DO NOT show distances to Fairway markers, Hazards or Front, Center, Back of Green on the satellite image.

2. Detailed scoring - Track putts, fairways hit, GIR, scrambling, penalties, and sand shots for you and 3 of your partners using a VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND interface.

3. Statistics - Analyze your last round or all your rounds. Graphically analyze your game and see where you are losing strokes. Helps improve your game.

4. Hardware Support – Works on both iPod touch and iPhone.

5. Dynamic rangefinder - Measure distances to anywhere on the course by simply touching the screen. Only AirVue Golf offers a Club Caddy to quickly see what club to hit To and From lay up targets.

• GPS distances to front, center and back of green from anywhere on the course.
• GPS distances to hazards.
• GPS distances to 100, 150 and 200 yards fairway markers.
• Three Aerial view choices (green, fairway and hole) on most courses to view your course.
• Over 20,000 courses mapped throughout US and Canada. More added daily.
• Pre-loads course information onto iPhone.
• Interactive rangefinder to calculate distances to anywhere on the course and then AUTOMATICALLY display distances to green from that location. Great for planning your lay up point.
• Club Caddy gives you suggestions on club to use for lay ups or approach shots to the green.
• Customizable drive marker. Quickly see your drive landing area to plan how to play the hole.
• Imagery is automatically oriented in north-south orientation; with tees at bottom and green at top.
• Smartview fairway feature shows the tee and fairway markings or fairway markings and green based on your current location.
• Measure shot length with built-in distance measurement tool
• Auto hole detection at tee to automatically advance to current hole played
• Quickly search courses in database by location or by course name

Note, non-GPS device iPod touch and 1st generation iPhones CANNOT calculate GPS distances from current location, as it’s not able to identify current location, due to lack of GPS.

• Built-in electronic scorecard for up to four golfers
• Men’s and women’s Par info for over 18,000 courses on scorecard. More detailed course info added daily
• Quickly keep score for each hole played in just few clicks.
• Or keep detailed scores for all 4 PLAYERS, including fairways hit (left, right, short, long, center), number of putts, GIR, scrambling, penalties and number of sand shots.
• Load saved scorecards from past rounds to compare.
• Email scorecards to yourself and your partners

• Analyze improvement of your game. Quickly create graphs for current round, for the last few rounds or all rounds of golf played.
• Graph Greens in Regulation (GIR), Putts per Hole, Putts per GIR, Driving Accuracy, Scores Relative to Par, Scores by Par, and Scrambling instantly

• No annual fee, per-use fee. Pay once and use forever!
• Free mapping of unprocessed courses. Request course via and Locaxion will map those courses within 7 days at no cost.
• Fast support via email. Typical responses within 1 business day
• Address and phone number information for over 20,000 courses. Get directions or instantly call a course to book tee times.