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Description I'm Here - Let people know where you are!
NOW where you will be or wish you were!

Version 3.0 is almost entirely new.
- Preview the location your sending
- No setup needed
- Manually reset your location
- Picker tool to add carrier domains to phone numbers

Tap the blue button in the upper left corner and
you can change your location. Double tap the tool
or press the blue button again to set the location.

"I'm Here" sends a Text Message (via email) with a link to a Google Map or an HTML email with a Google map of your current location. Works best on a 3G iPhone but has been tested and works with classic iPhone and iPod Touch.

Text Messages are sent via email using the recipients phone number (10D#) plus their carrier's email domain, for example an ATT phone is emailed using Most US carriers domains are listed in a help screen.

Emails contain a subject, message, Google map and detailed location information.

Text messages should contain only the subject and a link.

Many smart phones recognize the link in a text message and make it clickable, the iPhone does this and will bring up the Google map app when clicked.