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Description The Super Ads iPhone app features over 200 Super Bowl commercials, including NEW 2012 ads, commercials from 2006-2011, and all-time popular ads spanning the last four decades. The app enables users to view the best Super Bowl commercials from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device. Browse fan favorite Super Bowl commercial videos by year or lookup ads by the company or brand name. Users can also share their favorite ads via Email, Facebook, and Twitter. - 7 most recent years of Super Bowl commercials - Best all-time ads spanning four decades - Super Bowl commercial search - Browse by company or brand Each year contains all of the best, most popular, and funniest commercials created for video ads played during the Super Bowl. View complete brand channels from companies such as Audi, Bridgestone, Brisk,,, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Doritos, Pepsi Max, Etrade, Godaddy, Home Away, Honda, Jack in the Box, Lexus, MINI USA, Priceline, Samsung, Sealy Mattresses, Visa, Volkswagen, and more. Best all-time ads include Apple, Budweiser, Career Builder, Coca Cola, Doritos, EDS, eTrade, Google, Heineken, McDonald’s, Old Spice, Pepsi, Snickers, Volkswagen, Wendy’s, and more. Note: the Super Ads iPhone app is not affiliated with the Super Bowl, NFL, or any publisher of the commercial videos that appear in the app. The videos in this app are authorized for use under the Terms of Service agreed to by publishing videos on YouTube and through the use of the YouTube API.