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Searching in Youtube ' mc hammer iphone '

★ By using Aegis, your iPhone is safe from theft.

★ You can change alarm sound into your voice by recording.

1. Select the type of alarm you wish.
(Shouting, Your Voice, Calling)

2. Press the ' Start ' button.

3. That's all !

If somebody tries to steal your iPhone, Aegis starts making an alarm sound(or Your Voice), or calling the automatic emergency number you selected.

Aegis can judge between Stealing by a thief and Impact by people around by using Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) judge system.

A.I. detection system can understand 32 types of mistake of touching in daily life.

Also if stealing detected, Aegis never stops making an alarm sound or automatic calling emergency number even though the thief pushes the iPhone Home button, Sleep button and Vibration button.

Aegis guarantee The Best security for You.

< If you have a problem when using the Aegis >

Tips for solving problems...

After turning on the Aegis,

When Aegis makes an alarm sound as soon as starts.
-> Raise the Smart Level up.

When Somebody take iPhone(Moving iPhone for 3 seconds or more), Aegis froze up.
-> Reduce the Smart Level.


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