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Description ★★★ NEW YEAR SALE ★★★ ONLY $2.99. Get It Now! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ iLoader HD is one of the 10 finalist in the 2010 Best App Ever Awards for Best Social Networking App ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ You have asked - we delivered. The BEST Facebook photo and video BATCH uploader from the iPhone is now available on your iPad! ★★★ Update 1.2.0 ★★★ New: ✓ Background uploading for photos and videos - uploading your photos and videos while you do other stuff! Fixed: ✓ After create album, app turn to portrait mode and unusable ✓ Album without cover will show a default image instead of blank If you use Facebook then you will LOVE iLoader. Don't take our word for it, look at the screenshots below and reviews by users to decide for yourself! ★★★ iLoader is the ONE and ONLY app to: ★★★ ✓ SIMULTANEOUSLY UPLOADS: uploads multiple photos at once to Facebook which means it is SUPER FAST! ✓ OFFLINE MODE: iLoader allows you to select and prepare photos and videos for upload even when you don't have a network connection. iLoader uploads later when you have a connection. ✓ SAVE AND RESUME: iLoader saves your selections and edits and resumes where you left off. ★★★ PHOTOS FEATURES ★★★ ✓ ADD photo captions ✓ TAG friends in photos ✓ SMART friends bookmark speeds tagging ✓ SWIPE & PINCH photos to view in more detail similar to built-in Photos app ✓ ROTATE photos before upload ✓ CREATE new photo albums and set privacy from within iLoader ✓ UPLOAD photos to existing photo albums ✓ BATCH UPLOAD selected photos to Facebook in one shot ✓ SHOW progress when uploading so you know exactly what is going on ★★★ VIDEOS FEATURES ★★★ ✓ ADD video titles and descriptions ✓ TRIM and EDIT videos ✓ PLAYBACK videos to make sure they are perfect before uploading ✓ SET PRIVACY before uploading ✓ BATCH UPLOAD selected videos to Facebook in one shot ✓ SHOW progress when uploading so you know exactly what is going on ✓ WATCH VIDEOS(standard or HD quality) from you, friends, pages and groups ✓ SHARE VIDEOS to Facebook, Twitter and Email ★★★ OTHER FEATURES ★★★ ✓ Quickly update your status ✓ NO INTERNET CONNECTION? NO PROBLEM. iLoader can do everything but upload without an Internet connection ✓ SAVE selections and edits and later RESUME where you left off ✓ SOUND effects ✓ WORK on 3G/Wifi We have a LITE version so try it out before you buy! Be the first to know! VISIT US: FOLLOW US: FIND US: NOTE* iLoader requires a Facebook account. iLoader uses the Facebook APIs but Facebook does not endorse nor sponsor iLoader, nor is Tektrify, Inc affiliated in any way with Facebook.