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Description The Next Revolution in Music Experience and Exposure! “Share Your Music... Not Your Head Phones!” The MyStream mobile application is a device-to-device audio broadcasting technology which provides users with the ability to synchronously and wirelessly listen to music together. All streaming audio is based on songs and audio books stored on a user’s iPhone and all listeners have the ability to purchase all songs that are being streamed to them via a direct search free link to the iTunes store. The MyStream mobile peer to peer application is designed to enhance the experience of sharing new music with others. MyStream increases people’s exposure to new music while promoting instant purchasing. MyStream also increases the utility and value of all music by providing song owners the unique ability to entertain those around them with whatever great music they have and want to share. MyStream is designed to promote the music industries Artists, Albums, and Songs by giving users in the network the ability to: ★ Create, set permissions and share profiles with other users in the mobile streaming network ★ Arrange and share custom MyStream playlists, all within the applications private network ★ Play songs locally using the applications custom player ★ Share active playing songs in real-time over WIFI & Bluetooth, streaming Audio with users in the network ★ View other users in network and see songs they are listening and sharing The MyStream mobile application establishes a mobile social-network of users through the devices Bluetooth and WI-FI communication functions already included in mobile devices. The streaming functionality promotes music and audio book sales with a direct search free link to the iTunes store. MyStream also inherently increases the utility & value of all audio stored on people’s mobile devices therefore increasing the likelihood of purchases. MyStream supports 3rd & 4th generation devices, IOS 4.X, future release to support iPad