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Description "Feeds is an amazing RSS app." ( "I'm going to give Feeds a first-page spot on my iPhone, and use it as my default reader." ( "Speed. Feeds is amazingly fast." ( "Feeds is a definite bargain, especially for many of the features packed within this rich application." ( "It is perfectly organized and has always synced quickly for me." ( Feeds is the premiere RSS reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Feeds is fully integrated with Google Reader! For those of you who choose not to use Google Reader, Feeds works as a standalone RSS reader as well. Feeds Features: ✓ Two way syncing with Google Reader ✓ Full feed management including adding, removing, moving and renaming feeds ✓ Email feed link and description without exiting the application ✓ Star feed items that you may want to revisit at a later date ✓ Share feed items with your friends (Google Reader only) ✓ Categorize your feeds into folders ✓ Read feeds offline ✓ View originating websites in Feeds or Safari in portrait or landscape ✓ View website versions that are optimized for mobile phones(Google Mobilizer) ✓ Easily add tags to your feed items (Google Reader only) ✓ Save articles in InstaPaper ✓ Save articles in ReadItLater ✓ Post articles to Twitter with URL shortening Note: All settings for Feeds are located in the default Settings application available from your iPhone/iTouch's springboard (desktop). Most of the features people have been asking for are in the Settings waiting to be used!