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Description Loopt helps you be an insider everywhere you go. Download Loopt today and see why it’s on Apple’s list of “Top 100 Apps of All Time.” * EXPLORE: Have fun exploring the places aroundyou. See and share fun, mini reviews (called Qs) of places around you. Get real-time answers to questions like, “What’s the best dish on the menu?” Share your opinion too, “Don’t miss their Swedish Pancakes!” Answering Qs is fun, and you’ll earn status. You may even become Master of the Qniverse! * HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS: Loopt is all about location, so you can easily tell friends where you are, share pictures, and see where your Loopt and Facebook friends are in the Friend Map view. It’s super fun! * SAVE MONEY: Never ever miss a nearby deal. Enjoy 50% - 90% off the best things to eat, drink and do from Groupon and Loopt. Loopt’s *instant* deal alerts DING when you’re walking or driving by a live Groupon deal, then you can purchase and redeem it immediately. Try Loopt today and start having even more fun exploring the places around you! * PRAISE FOR LOOPT “Essential App for iOS” PC WORLD “Loopt Qs offers people the opportunity to get quick information about a place that could really improve their enjoyment there.” GIGAOM “Are portions at this restaurant tiny, just right, or really large? Why take just one answer … when you can look at a bar graph of answers and see the most popular answer?” READ WRITE WEB “In many respects, Loopt is a better Facebook Places experience than the Facebook mobile app.” MASHABLE ----------------------------------- * WE LOVE OUR USERS: We’re always excited to hear from you Like us on Facebook ( Follow us on Twitter (