Current Version Version: 1.0.1
Author Blumo
Price Free
Description This dynamic and free application from, MedjetAssist, the leader in air-medical evacuations, is a well-rounded first-aid guide for the savvy traveler. Now you can carry an abbreviated version of Medjet’s medical consultation benefit and mobile medical information storage benefit with you wherever you go. And, the first-aid techniques and medical information stored on the application is not dependent on a cell-phone signal or Internet connection.

First-Aid For Travelers

This portion of the application boasts a select array of step-by-step instructions and diagrams that go far beyond most traditional first aid guides. With content provided by A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine – 3rd edition published and edited by Adventure Medical Kits this application draws from more than 10 years of research, clinical experience and teaching.

First-aid techniques covered in this application come complete with cross-reference hyperlinks between categories, situational descriptions and various technique illustrations. The techniques range from what to do in the event of an airway obstruction to treatment of stings and bites from various marine-life to burns. Plus much more…

Mobile Medical Information Storage

This portion of the application is useful not only to the user but can also provide vital information to doctors and emergency professionals in a crisis. Based on the online medical information storage benefit of the MedjetAssist Plus membership, the mobile medical information storage component of this application allows you to upload and organize medical contact information directly from your iPhone’s contacts, detail any pre-existing conditions, record allergies and list any medications that you might be taking.

Mobile Medjet

If you are a Medjet member, the application allows you to record you membership information and provides one-touch access to Medjet emergency phone numbers. Members also have one-touch access to the website via their iPhone’s Internet browser.

For non-members, the application offers a portal to Medjet’s membership information via your iPhone’s Internet browser as well as one-touch access to the Medjet Membership Services Department. This gives you mobile access to information on Medjet and its many membership options as well as the ability to enroll in the Medjet Membership Program.

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