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Description MACWORLD: "The Best Movie App…When it comes to finding a movie, Showtimes is my favorite app of the bunch." 4.5 of 5 rating, a full 1.5 higher mouse rating than our competitors. Top Ten Reviews: "5 of 5 Stars." Worth a try! NEW: FANDANGO ticket sales to participating theaters. “Take Me for a Ride” Movie Plot Opening: You’re driving in your car on Friday night with your gal. Your mind is frantically racing to surprise her by being the first to suggest what to do before you hear her say “what are we doing tonight?” Beating her to the punch, you turn to her and ask, “want to se a movie? “Not sure” she responds. You pull out your iPhone and pull her close. “Ah,” she sighs with amazement as you do nothing more than tap once on the Showtimes icon. A beautifully designed interface displays, showing you and your significant other a list of local theaters, show times, along with movie posters, ratings, driving directions, etc. “Oh!” She admires with a twinkle in her eye. Plot Development: “I wonder if this is a good one,” she points to the obvious chick flick movie poster, slightly taping it, and lets out a reserved but long “Uhh!,” as the video trailer suddenly starts to play. “Impressive,” she whispers. You know you can’t say no to her choice now and quickly respond, “Lets go see this one. It starts at 7:15,” as you tap on the show description to read more about the movie. Feeling the need to impress her more you add, “how about dinner afterwards?” “Only if you can impress me more” she answers. You tap on the Munch application icon and say, “what do you feel like eating?” She answers, “I haven’t had Italian in a while.” Again, with a single tap of your finger, a list of the nearest Italian restaurants, and their ratings, appear before your eyes. “Yummy. I can’t wait,” she exclaims as you tap on the phone number to call for a reservation. Epilog: “Are we having dessert after?” She asks with a look only you know too well. Her question is not one that requires an answer, but you do so anyways. You tap on the map and the route is displayed, then you turn sharply towards her and plant a big one on her scrumptiously smooth lips. You then respond, with a deep gaze into her eyes, “only if you can impress me more.” The End? Showtimes™ is a must have for movie lovers. Showtimes recognizes where you are, and utilizes our OneTap® search technology, to instantly show you results of the movie theaters nearest to you, movie listings now playing, show times, trailers and additional information based on box office sales. RESULTS INCLUDE -FANDANGO ticket sales - Listing of theaters in your vicinity - Titles - Times - Posters - Trailers - Description - Metacritic reviews and scores - Critic ratings (stars) - Movie ratings (PG, R, etc.) - Movie length - Sort by: popularity, rating, newest and upcoming movies. - Posters - Trailers REVIEWS & SUCCESSES MACWORLD: "The Best Movie App…When it comes to finding a movie, Showtimes is my favorite app of the bunch." 4.5 of 5 rating, which is a full 1.5 higher mouse rating than the nearest competitor. Blogger – MIKE THIS: “I tend to be a movie junkie, so this little application uses your current location to find the nearest movie theaters and shows you the show times. Enough said there - A+” User Review – ANALYTIC: (5 Star Rating) By far, better than any other free movies app. Slick, intuitive and finds where you are. Simply the best.” COUNTRIES - United States - Other: May have to set the location OTHER AVANTAR APPLICATIONS Yellow Pages: Download at

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