Current Version Version: 2.0
Author Brent Brookler
Price Free
Description ** Updated December 2nd **

- Now able to browse CBS News from within the application - top stories, sports, weather, etc. constantly updated from the pros at CBS News.

- Filtering and categories. We heard your comments and feedback and have now added several categories for your stories. These include; newsworthy, human interest, politics, sports, weather and more.

- Voting on 'newsworthy' stories. We realize that not all uploads were 'newsworthy' stories, so we are letting you, our users, pick them. We've added the ability to vote on stories whether they are 'news' or 'not news.'

- Favoriting and following. You can now 'favorite' any story and quickly get back to those favorites via the bottom navigation bar. We added 'following' where you 'follow' a reporter, you are one click away to all the reporters you are following.

- Better navigation and user interface. We added both a scrolling bar on the top navigation and and bottom navigation

- Keep track of your previous reports. Quickly followup with comments on your previous reports.

----- Existing Features

- Browse latest reports and watch video coverage of breaking news and events captured by citizen journalists around the World.

- Be the first in your area to tell the story with CBS EyeMobile on iPhone.  Submit images as you capture the news and build your coverage with stories illustrating the impact of unfolding events. 

- Track discussion of your reports as they appear in the Recent Reports list and discuss reports from other citizen journalists.

- At update your reports with late breaking details, track other journalists and watch CBS EyeMobile coverage of past events.

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