Current Version Version: 1.0.1
Author Brian King
Price $2.00
Description Capture life around you by taking pictures and setting a reminder. Photo Lapse helps you line them up and reminds you when it's time to take your next picture. Take a picture and set a reminder to get started! A Few Ideas: - Take a picture of yourself and/or your kids every day. - Take a picture of your favorite hike every 15 minutes. - Take a picture of your houses construction a few times a day. Create as many projects as you'd like! There is also a traditional Time Lapse project that allows you to automatically snap new pictures every few minutes. Leave it on the window sill as a storm rolls in or to capture the sunset! View your photos in app with fun momentum timing or set the frame rate and music with the built in player. Export your movie to your photo library when your ready to share with friends! All of your photos are fully accessible with iTunes file sharing, taken at full resolution. Many features are coming! Send me your feedback to make sure this is the best Time Lapse app out there!

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