Current Version Version: 2.1.3
Author CondeNet
Price $1.00
Description The official Reddit iPhone app. Never be bored again. With this app, you'll always be only a tap (or shake) away from the most interesting stuff on the web.

If you can't afford the cost and don't mind ads, there's also a free version of iReddit: Search iTunes Store for "iReddit Free"

All of your favorite reddit functionality is here: view the hottest, newest, top, and most controversial stories of the moment, explore individual subreddits, vote, comment, share, and save links for later. The entire commenting system has been optimized for the iPhone app so you won't have any trouble contributing to an epic pun thread.

Save time by never having to reload the reddit homepage. You can even use handy next/previous navigation to move between websites without going back to the main list. And those sites work in portrait and widescreen modes too.

It's never been easier to be entertained. Just shake your iPhone to enter "serendipity mode" where you'll be served a random, interesting site. Pro-tip: Turn on "play sound on shake" for a special treat with every jostle -- the iPhone is an elegant phone for a more sophisticated age.

We're always trying to improve reddit and the same goes with our iPhone app. Please leave us feedback here:

**We're no longer supporting the first version of the app, upgrade to 2.0 -- it's much, much cooler anyway**

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