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Description Awesome. Cartoonatic is featured on today! Thanks! Cartoonatic can make you and your friends leading stars of animated video masterpiece! Take dazzling Cartoon videos and pictures. FREE! Almost 500 000 people around the World already enjoy this app and see the World around in a Cartoonatic-New-Way! • 9 cool VIDEO effects, created by cartoon artists • Real-time preview of all effects • Possibility to add music and create animated masterpieces • Speed up your videos to make 'em even funnier • Instantly share via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or E-mail -------------------------------------------------- Extremely Fun & Easy! -------------------------------------------------- You Get: • Amazing hand draw interface • Intuitive navigation • One tap switch between effects • 5 built-in soundtracks • Possibility to add music from your iPod • Mute recording to make a silent animation • Video resolution 320X400 or 360X480 • Recording with Front or Back camera • Saving to video gallery inside the app or Camera roll Want more awesomeness? Get Cartoonatic Pro: • 3 additional animated effects (12 Total) • Possibility to take pictures, with cartoon effects • NO Ads! More Great Free apps from MacPhun LLC are coming soon! Enjoy the Cartoonatic World!