Current Version Version: 1.0.9
Author illumineX, Inc.
Price $10.00
Description April 27, 2010 - iBlogger 1.0.9 is easier to configure than ever, even more stable than before, and much faster, even on the original iPhone.

Enjoy blogging with iBlogger and ecto!
-- illumineX Team

iBlogger brings real mobile blogging to the iPhone for the first time. Compatible with nearly any blog (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, MovableType, TypePad, and many more), you can blog with Pictures, Tags, Categories, Links, and Location at the touch of a finger. All this in an easy to use, robust application which has the quality and polish you expect on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Thousands of real people have been blogging with iBlogger since the launch of the app store. Bloggers tell us that iBlogger has changed the way they think about blogging.

They love iBlogger, and we think you will, too.

iBlogger features include:
* easily configure your blog in seconds: RSD (Real Simple Discovery) and automatic configuration makes iPhone bloggers happy!
* post your thoughts
* include a picture
* select categories
* include tags to help promote your blog
* include links in your post
* include a customizable standard signature
* include a location link at the touch of a button
* URL keyboard type for URL entry
* tested on WiFi, 3G and EDGE networks, works great
* Secure HTTPS connections if your blog supports it
* HTML Auth protected blogs

Does iBlogger work with my blog?

iBlogger is compatible with the most popular blog engines, including:
* Blojsom
* Drupal
* ExpressionEngine
* MovableType
* TypePad
* WordPress

iBlogger has optimized plugins which ensure easy configuration and compatibility for these Blog Hosting Services:
* LifeType
* LivingDot
* SquareSpace
* TypePad
* Vox (Vox sometimes provides a "bad password" return from the server, retry a few times and your post will get through.)
* WordPress
* Xanga
* Blogspot/Blogger (picture posting for Blogspot blogs will come in the iBlogger 2 release, which entered beta testing this week. Sign up for your Google Picasa account, to be ready.)

The current version of iBlogger does not work with:
* DasBlog
* Microsoft LiveJournal
* certain blogs which require the old Atom 0.3 protocol

If it's not listed above, iBlogger may not have been tested with your blog. iBlogger should work with most any blog engine which provides one of these generic API types, included in iBlogger:
* Other MetaWeblog
* Other MovableType

A Word from illumineX
iBlogger is under active development by illumineX. We've been developing software on the Mac since 1998. iBlogger has been heavily tested in the real world by active bloggers, and is ready to put real mobile blogging in your pocket.

We will be adding more blog engines and plugins steadily in the coming months.

Based on ecto, the award winning and extremely popular blogging application for the Mac, iBlogger was crafted with love by illumineX and friends. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, including our fantastic beta testers, and our early customers. Your feedback makes iBlogger shine!

Submit your problem reports to

* Include the URL to your blog.
* If possible, include a test account for us on your blog.
* Describe the issue you see, and the steps leading up to the problem, so we can re-create the problem.

Many thousands of bloggers are using iBlogger today in dozens of countries. iBlogger "just works" for nearly everyone already. If it doesn't work for you, please ask us for help.

illumineX, inc.

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