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Description 2011 Apple Design Award winner! What do I need to score on my next test to be on track for an A? There's an app for that. Now with due dates and a handy GPA calculator. ★ Features ★ ☞ Tells you what grades you need on upcoming assignments and tests to get your target grade in the class. ☞ Helps you calculate your GPA and figure out what grades you need in your classes to gain or maintain a certain GPA. ☞ Helps you remember when upcoming assignments are due. ☞ All wrapped up in a crisp and delightful interface. Grades 2 will serve as your roadmap to an A. ★ New in 2.0 ★ ☞ Completely new look with retina graphics ☞ Due Dates ☞ GPA Calculator ☞ Sub-grades ☞ Drop grades ☞ Lots of little improvements ☞ Free (ad-supported - $1 to kill ads forever) ★ Grading systems ★ Grades 2 works with most grading systems that can be calculated numerically (where a higher score is better). If Grades 2 does not support your grading system please contact us so that we can look into it. ★ What's Next? ★ Here are the updates we think we should work on next. Please tell us which updates are the most important to you (or add to this list) so we know which features to work on first. 1. Push notifications for due date reminders. 2. Support for multiple terms/semesters at once. 3. Re-ordering classes and syllabus items. 4. Better support for extra-credit 5. Support for unweighted grades 6. Improve speed on older devices We read every review and email and will try our best to update the app with your suggestions. We would love to hear your questions and comments; just shoot us an email at