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Description HISTORY 3D: Civil War™ is a time machine, right in your hands. For the first time ever on the iPad, you will see two dozen 3D photos taken during the Civil War, using cameras with two or four lenses, by legends such as Mathew Brady. Most of them are taken from the original negatives, rather than scanned prints. H3D converts these images into stunning anaglyph (red/cyan) pictures. Even if you’ve seen these iconic images before, stepping virtually into the 3D world of the 19th century is an experience like never before. All you need is a pair of those oh-so-chic 3D glasses. (Our website has links to them.) Each image can be toggled between 3D and black-and-white, so that you can still enjoy the app without the cool specs, and so you can see what you’ve been missing in Flatland. You can flip through the photos with a page-turner – with a swipe, it will feel like your perusing an old photo album. With a tap, you can bring up the stories behind the photos. Speaking of history, we know it’s about as appealing to some people as broccoli—or in our case, Brussels sprouts—but give it a chance. Even some who had little interest in history have been drawn into HISTORY 3D: Civil War™. Think of it as a hunk of chocolate that happens to be shaped like a vegetable. Oh, and about the Library of Congress: Every 3D image that is created in the making of this app and future H3D apps is being donated, copyright-free (i.e., public domain) to the Library of Congress. Your purchase supports a venerable American institution! H3D participates in Apple’s discount program for educational institutions. Visit our website for more information, and we’d love it if you gave us ratings and comments!

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