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Price $4.00
Description BuzzVoice Lets You LISTEN to the Web’s Top News & Blogs On-the-go! It’s like “Pandora for news & blogs.” Stream it in the car, gym, train – Everywhere.

”Pulls stories off the Internet & reads them aloud” [Forbes]
“4 Stars – A time saver & productivity enhancer” [MacWorld]
“Nearly Perfect – A major accomplishment" [TUAW]

You’ve never seen (or heard) a fun-filled, productivity-boosting news & blog app like this before!

BuzzVoice lets you *listen* to the stories you wish you had time to read - anytime, anywhere. It collects the stories you like - converts them to audio in real time - and streams them right to your iPhone. You’ll never miss a breaking story.

Get current while you get things done: Listen to TechCrunch or Gizmodo in the car - Stream Mashable or Perez Hilton at the gym or grocery - Hear HuffPo on the train (choose from 1,500+ popular sources)

- Get Tech, Politics, Celebs, Sports & more, in one app
- Personalize it with your 10 fav feeds
- Mix in content from the web’s top 30 sources
- View text & pictures, stream audio & video
- Create a Daily BuzzCast for hands-free listening
- Stream continuous "BuzzRadio" stations
- Get Daily BuzzAlerts of your headlines in your email inbox
- Share “talking stories” on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & more
- Use the full site on your Mac/PC to personalize your account & add features

Whether you’re a casual news reader, a “news junky,” or just want to dazzle your friends with how IT TALKS, BuzzVoice is for you.

For the price of a smoothie, you can stay current, have fun & multitask on-the-go with BuzzVoice. Download it now to hear what the buzz is all about!

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"I love this app to follow blogs while doing other things [like driving]" (Tom M)
“It’s awesomely cool to show off!” (Psyke)
“Thanks to BuzzVoice, people think I’m smarter than I am” (Josh)
“Saves me hours & hours of reading each night"(Damien H)