Current Version Version: 1
Author RogueSheep
Price Free
Description Easy Alarms: Set. Skip. Snooze. SET: Want to create an alarm quickly without spinning your wheels? SKIP: Do you wish you could skip your alarm without having to turn it off and remember to turn it back on later? SNOOZE: Wish you could decide how long to snooze your alarm when it's going off instead of when you set it? Easy Alarms allows you to quickly create useful alarms and timers. Best of all, it doesn't matter if the app is running for it to work! Alarms: Quickly choose a time with the 10-key pad. If you need an alarm to repeat, just set the days you'd like it to go off each week. Choose a sound that'll get your attention. Name the alarm if you'd like. If you don't need your alarm for a holiday, just SKIP and it will still go off next time. On vacation for a week? SKIP as much as you need to and you won't need to remember to turn it on when you get back! Timers: Unlike Clock, you can save your timers. You can also have more than one going at a time. Set up a snooze for a timer if you want, just like an alarm! Have you noticed it's FREE? Easy Alarms is 100% ad supported, so give it a try.

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