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Description The Brand New and Improved Workout Muse App: Build custom interval training workout music soundtracks mixed to your favorite music. The music tells you exactly what to do! Interval training is the future of fitness and the secret fat-burning weapon of many of the top fitness professionals and boot camp instructors around the world. The brand new iWorkout Muse PRO app for the iPhone and iPod Touch creates completely custom interval workouts seamlessly mixed to the end-user’s favorite music to power and automate group exercise classes and personal workouts worldwide. iWorkout Muse PRO is the second generation response to countless customer requests for a bigger and better app allowing for even more custom interval workout music options. Some of the key upgrades and new features for iWorkout Muse PRO includes optional pre-workout and post-workout sections to allow for a warm-up and cool-down, multiple mini-workout options within the main workout to allow for multiple interval protocols and unique interval combinations for the advanced user, optional transition periods between different sections of the workout, phone vibration and sound effect options for go and stop markers, individual volume control for the music and audio instructions, selecting specific music for each section of the workout, seamless play, pause, stop, and skip forward/backward buttons, and much more. You can see the 52-Second Movie Trailer for the app here: