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Description IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL TUMBLR APP WITH DASHBOARD, LIKING, REBLOGGING AND OTHER PIXIE DUST. IT IS AN PRO APP FOR ALL USING TUMBLR FOR SERIOUS BLOGGING WITH A NEED FOR A BETTER KEYBOARD, PREVIEW, HTML AND MARKDOWN SUPPORT AND IMAGE UPLOAD FOR TEXT POSTS. MOApp’s QuickTumblr - The Text Post Publishing Tool for Serious Tumblogger. Many of us use Tumblr for more than posting animated GIFs and reblogging quotes. Just have a look at the New Yorker Tumblog or that from Leica. And we really needed a better tool for writing our awesome articles and entries. First of all we need a better keyboard and the option to use HTML or Markdown, to use our TextExpander snippets, to insert images and links with one tap and to even open already written articles/entries from other Apps, from our Dropbox or from Mail attachments. QuickTumblr allows all that, together with a sophisticated and clean interface and a thoughtful feature-set for the serious tumblogger among us… - Sophisticated Keyboard Additions - Support for TextExpander Snippets - Easily Format your Text - Multiple Accounts (Groups) - In App Preview - HTML, Markdown Support - Open Text, HTML, Markdown Files - Update (Edit) published Posts - Upload/Insert Images (FTP required) - Paste Images fom Safari - Store Notes - Verbose Manual, Help and Support