Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Panic, Inc.
Price $8.00
Description Introducing Prompt: the best SSH client for your iPad or iPhone. Prompt is clean, crisp, and cheerful: the SSH client that helps you when you need it, and stays out of your way when you don't. Perfect for system administrators, web developers, movie-style hackers ("Let me just TCP/IP into the firewalls!"), or any person who needs to connect to a server and type some magic. WHAT MAKES IT GOOD? ✔ Universal: iPad and iPhone     One app, two platforms, one price. ✔ Effortless Favorites     You connect to servers, Prompt remembers them. That's it. ✔ Customizable Keys     Set your most-used special characters and speed-boost your typing. ✔ Bluetooth Keyboards     They work just great, even special keys like CTRL and arrows. ✔ Autocomplete     Your most used commands are remembered, automatically. ✔ Key Pair Support     Load a DSA or RSA keyfile into Prompt for password-free login. ✔ Passcode Lock     Set a Prompt-specific password to protect your active connections. ✔ Multiple Connections     Keep sessions open, even when Prompt is in the background. ✔ Bonjour Server Detection     Automatically discover local SSH servers with a single tap. ✔ Excellent VT100 Compatibility     All the ^G's and whistles you'll need to get work done. PROMPT IS A PANIC JAM.

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