Current Version Version: 3.7
Author Bo Yuan
Price $1.00
Description A camera flash is among iPhone's most requested features.

We offer an application for you to add Flash light into the photos taken by your iPhone camera or the photos in your album imported from other sources. We also provide you with Flashed B&W, Sepia effects.

A kind note for users.

The difference between iFlashReady and other Flash apps in the store, and why we are the best Flash app in the store:

1. We are the FIRST one in app store to provide Flash app, any other app makers just purely copy our idea and our app design, and even use similar names. However, they do not have much expertise in advanced image processing background, check our website:

2. Most users choose to buy our app, but not other flash apps. Our user number is the biggest in the app store among all of the flash apps. Our user number is at least 10 times than any other flash app.

3. More important. iFlashReady is based on an innovative technology that intelligently lightened up each pixel to an individually differentiated level. Even if the entire photo is lightened up, the details in highlight are not blown out. While almost other flash apps just copy iFlashReady idea and (even use similar names) and only do some kind of very simple global methods to increase the brightness of the photos at the cost of making the photos lack of contrast and show a wash-out appearance, which makes most of the photos useless.

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iFlashReady works on devices running iPhone OS 2.0 and later. It is tested extensively on all devices including the new iPhone 3GS.

We strongly recommend you do a hard reset if you are experiencing any crashes.

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