Current Version Version: 2.0.1 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
Author Tiny Pictures inc.
Price Free
Description ★ Winner of the People's Voice Webby for Best Mobile Social Network, 2008

Radar is the easiest, fastest and sleekest photo sharing app on iPhone, whether you're sharing with the Radar community, or with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Advanced Flickr integration also makes Radar the best mobile Flickr app around. Browse photostreams in real time, stay on top of conversations as they happen, and upload directly to your Flickr account.


▪ instant upload to Radar, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (seriously: it's fast)

▪ smooth, interactive browsing of pictures and videos shared by you and your friends

▪ advanced conversation features, so you never miss a comment

▪ real-time text and email alerts

▪ share publicly, or just with the people you choose

▪ not just for iPhone: Radar is available on any mobile phone or computer at


"A superb way to share memories, sites, and events with friends and family...share it...across the world or across the street in an instant." -JohnnyQ11

"No more clunky Twitpic - this app is slick, easy to use and such a go-to..." -susiepopsSF

"Share pics instantly, find pics from anywhere, comment on pics, and make great new friends."-QwikSean


"...we were duly's clear they've worked hard to make themselves fit somewhere into your photosharing flow." -Mike Schramm, TUAW

"What makes Radar's iPhone application special is that it provides you with an amazing amount of features...without overwhelming the interface." - Read Write Web

" can be carried back from Radar to Flickr. And perhaps more importantly, the comments/conversations about these photos are synced back and forth between the two services." - MG Siegler, VentureBeat

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