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Description The perfect application for anyone who wants to keep people from accidentally seeing their private pictures. This is the original picture hiding app available on the iPhone, and has remained one of the most popular since 2008 with continual updates. √ Use simple PIN or a password √ Multitasking supported with auto lock √ Full support for high resolution Retina display √ Add pictures directly from computer using iTunes √ Pictures and notes protected with hardware based encryption on compatible devices √ Slideshow with shuffle, multiple transitions PLEASE READ IF YOU UPDATED TO 6.0 Updating to version 6.1 fixes a startup issue with libraries that have a very large number of pictures. After updating to version 6.1, all original pictures will be available as long as you have not removed the application or application data. Because of increased security in version 6, the application may not work if you alter the system keychain or other system or application files, and support cannot be provided in that situation. YOUR PRIVACY No pictures or picture information is ever sent from this application except for emails you send yourself. All pictures are stored only on your device, and also on your computer if you sync with iTunes. Pictures and notes are encrypted, if supported by your device. Access codes and configuration information is stored securely in an encrypted keychain. PASSWORD RESET When you set your password, you are given a master password that can be used to reset the password without deleting data. Keep a record of this, so that later you can enter the master password if needed, and your password will be reset. If you need to reset the password and did not keep a record of the master password, you can remove the application and reinstall from the App Store. You will not be charged again, although pictures in the application will be deleted. Pictures in the regular Photo Album on your device will not be affected. iPAD USERS Private Pics for iPad is available, and is optimized for that device. This application is optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch. TRADEMARKS "Private Pics" and "Dreaming Phone" are trademarks of David Earnest.