Current Version Version: 2.2
Price $3.00
Description Hide your private or sensitive pictures. You can take pictures with PicVault or import them from your existing pictures. Create a PIN and lock them up! Features: - Picture privacy - Take pictures from the camera (iPhone only) or import from existing pictures - Image browsing with pan and zoom - Export pictures from PicVault back to your pictures library to sync them with your computer Warning: do not forget your PIN. There is no way to recover it!! Thanks for all the great feedback. Version 2.6 is here! It includes: - Retina support - Folder organization - Better image browsing - Scroll through images from the image viewer - Images not clipped when zoomed out - New icon (calculator) - New display name (PV) All updates will be free for anyone who purchases the application. NOTE: PicVault works best with less than 50 photos per folder. Please create a new folder if you need to import more than 50 photos. I am working on an update to address this. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Make sure you back up (export all) your PicVault photos before you apply any update in case there are any hiccups.

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