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Description "PhotoForge is the most powerful app of its kind in the App Store and a must-have for artists, creatives or anyone interested in image editing." - “If you can choose one app, look into PhotoForge..... Photoshop in your pocket, just enough tools to make some crucial editing on the fly.” - "PhotoForge is a well put together and professional image manipulation and painting app." - "Photoshop of the iPhone ... it has tools and functionality I haven’t seen on a mobile platform before." - ✂--------------------------------------- PhotoForge is a highly optimized editing and painting application designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It can be used for image manipulation, retouching, effects, and color correction, as well as a painter’s tool. It is indispensable for creating original artwork, or editing photos on your mobile device. PhotoForge is a superb photographer’s tool, providing digital darkroom capabilities that are second to none. It is also a tool for creating incredible works of art and illustrations. PhotoForge allows you to put together an image, combining filters, brushes, and effects. They may be hand-painted, or a composite of photographic images mixed with painting. The filters and effects can be layered to produce even more dynamic results. ✂--------------------------------------- A D J U S T M E N T S • Curves: Create your own filters. Edit each channel in RGB, CMYK and CIELab color spaces. • Levels: Edit each channel in RGB, CMYK and CIELab color spaces. • Sharpen & Unsharp Mask: Sharpen images to remove the softness introduced during digital photo capture. • Noise Reduction: Digitally reduces color noise present in the photo. (Apply multiple times for more reduction) • Simulated HDR: Produce images with greater detail by manipulating the visible range of an image's highlights and shadows. • Auto White Balance • Auto Exposure • Manual Exposure • Manual Vibrance • Hue, Saturation & Lightness • Brightness & Contrast T O O L S • Crop tool: Crop, rotate, and flip. • Brush tool: Experiment with 8 different brush strokes. Choose from unlimited sizes, colors, and transparency options. • Smudge tool: Smears the pixels along the direction of the brush stroke. • Clone Stamp tool: Sample pixels at one location in an image, and paint them in a different location. • Eraser tool: Erase away portions of brush strokes, filters or effects applied to the image. For example, this tool will allow you to colorize black and white filtered images, among countless other uses. • Magnify tool: Zoom in, out, and pan. • Eye Dropper tool: Selects the color of individual pixels in an image. • Fill tool: Fill the visible area of the image with color. F I L T E R S • Black & White, Dreamy, Enhanced, Lomo, Sepia, Water Color, Oil Painting, Vignette, Sin City, Negative, Posterize, Night Vision, Heat Map, Pencil, Neon, Blur, Emboss, Sunset, Blue Sky and Television. O T H E R F E A T U R E S • Load photos from your camera and your photo albums • Start painting from a blank canvas • Edit in portrait or landscape mode • Hide the toolbars in full screen mode • Resume previous sessions if interrupted • Unlimited undo and redo options allow you to revert your editing mistakes • Save to 4 different output sizes; 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200, 2048×1536(3GS only) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ V I D E O ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ F A Q ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✂------------------- Follow us on twitter!