Current Version Version: 1.70
Author Artamata, Inc.
Description Paint like a Picasso! NEW LOWER PRICE (was $4.99 USD) RAVE REVIEWS FOR ARTIST'S TOUCH: • NY Times: "As an untrained and unskilled (and untalented) artist, I achieved the best results from a program called Artist’s Touch." • "Even if you've never painted a day in your life, you can count on producing beautiful works of art in no time with the help of Artist's Touch" • CNET: Five favorite iPhone photo apps • Top Ten Photography App • "Feeling artistic? [Artist's Touch] can help you work on becoming the digital equivalent of Van Gogh. Though you’ll still never hear the end of it about all that money dad spent on art school." • If you thought that the iSteam App was cool, wait until you see the new Artist's Touch app. ——————————————————————— How It Works: Step 1: Select your favorite photo. • Your child • Pets • Sports highlights • Sunsets • Anything! Seconds later your photo fades into a "blueprint" which acts as a magic guide as you paint. Step 2: Select your paint media: • Oil Paint • Watercolor • Charcoal • Chalk • Pastel • Pencil • Airbrush • Pen and Ink • Scratch Board Make your painting look even more realistic with these paper textures: • Canvas • Brick • Cracked Paint • Rough Paper • Mosaic • Stone Step 3: Painting Technique Paint using a simple but important technique: start with a large brush size to quickly fill in. Your painting will form in a very abstract way. Then switch to smaller and smaller brush sizes and paint over areas that you want more details revealed like faces, people, objects. You see the "magic" happen in front of your eyes as an abstract painting forms into a masterpiece in just a few minutes. Save your painting to your photo gallery, email it to your friends, or sync your it with your computer to print. High-Resolution: Artist's Touch saves images at a resolution high enough for 8x10 prints. You can also create printed greeting cards by using our online service at Have questions? Contact our customer service team for quick and friendly assistance.

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