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Description PhotoBuddy is your personal assistant in photographic matters. It provides convenient ways to help professionals and amateurs calculate some of the most needed camera settings.
If you run PhotoBuddy on your iPhone you can use the built in camera to determine distances for objects of known size. The provided grayscale gradient can help you set the white point of your photographs, and the exposure presets get you started very quickly in the most common lighting situations.

"There are a few apps with similar features on the App Store. I’ve tried a couple of them so far and I like PhotoBuddy best." (Terry White’s Tech Blog, App of the Week, 10/24/2008)

A brief Users Manual is available for download at the PhotoBuddy Website (

You can check out our DoF Calculator (for the update Version 1.2) online before you buy at

- Calculate Sunrise/Sunset and the moon phase
- Determine the moon phase for any given date
- Measure distances with the built in camera (1st Gen. iPhone only)
- Built in exposure presets
- Calculate exposure changes (f-number / shutter / iso) based on the reciprocity law
- Calculate the Depth of Field (hyperfocal distance, near/far limit). Test the calculation online at
- Find the maximal distance a flash can light using a given aperture / iso
- Calculate the minimal camera distance to fit objects of a given size on your photo
- Set the white balance of your camera by a list of color temperatures for common lighting situations
- Supports metric/imperial units
- Supports full, half and third stop
- Database of digital SLRs for simple setup (if your camera is not listed, you can simply choose the film size)
- Database of common motion picture cameras
- Custom Camera Settings (Film Size)
- PhotoBuddy remembers all your settings. You to continue right where you left
- Added Support for the new "Micro Four Thirds" Cameras as well as several new Models introduced at Photokina 2008
- CoC Calculator (based on desired print size, resolution and viewing distance)
- Change the CoC multiplicator for your cameras to fit your needs
- Support for ISO values up to 25600
- Bulb Timer: Allows you to take long exposure shots (up to 13 hours) in the bulb mode of your camera
- Interactive DoF graphic (change the depth of field settings with a flick of your finger)
- Bellows exposure compensation
- Camera presets for Red One and Hasselblad
- Angle of View Calculator
- HDR Bracketing Calculator (determine correct shutter speeds for multiple exposures used for high dynamic range images
- Quick camera selection