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Author Simon Gladwell
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Description AS SEEN ON BBC NEWS TECHNOLOGY SECTION! The wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton is scheduled to take place on 29 April 2011. Don't delay - download today! Official photo feed and Tweets! This app, of course, includes a countdown clock to the big event. But that is just the start. In depth news from the best of British newspapers, blogs from around the world as well as photos from the general public and Royal videos from the present and back to years gone by. Twitter trends, brief news headlines and even the weather forecast for Westminster Abbey (up to ten days in advance) so you can keep an eye out for the famous British weather in the lead up to the event of the decade. Supports linking Facebook, Twitter and even plain old email to share content with friends. "Great stuff, a complete guide on my phone!" "Pretty much got everything there is to know" "Costs less than a tacky souvenir, great value" Please note a WiFi or 3G connection is required to access online resources

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