Current Version Version: 3.1
Author ma ming ge
Price $4.00
Description Hide your private or sensitive photos. Use a PIN and lock them up!

Old Name is PicVault Pro !!!


- Photo privacy
- View most popular photo format (.tiff,.tif,.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp,.BMPf,.ico,.cur,.xbm)
- Build-in stand FTP server, easy upload thousands photos by one click.
- Import multi-photo at one time from iPhone photo library
- PIN code
- Avoid auto-sleep in FTP mode
_ Avoid auto-sleep in photo play mode
- Use Windows Explorer (Windows OS) or "Finder" (Mac OS) to access photo directly.
- Use folder to organize your photos.
- Unlimited sub folder and photos support.
- Unlimited file size support.
- Translate photos over air.
- Support popular ftp client, such as FileZilla. ( )
- Share photos to friends over air ( use firefox, safari,IE to browse your pocket ftp server site )
- Automatic create photo thumb when you upload photo, with this features you can browse photos fast.

!!! NOTE !!!
- Default PIN is: 1234
- Don't lost your PIN, no way to find it back.
- Display Name is PSP

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