Current Version Version: 2.1.0
Author Masaaki Matsubara
Price $1.00
Description Your iPhone camera's aspect ratio becomes multiple!This App lets you take photos in multiple formats.

This is gravity loves time's first camera App and there will more to come!! (My other App is "Symmetry" and "Re:NancyKPH".)

-Now you can set the recorded size(Small/Middle/Large/Full)
-Tap for the setting

Just by changing the Aspect Ratio, photos will look different.
"The cinema scope size just like from movies"
"The 35mm film size that you are so used to"
"The square format size that you are not so used to"

Why don't you try and trim a great moment away from your daily life with Trimming Camera.

*Main functions
-Change Aspect Ratio when taking photos.
-Flick/Drag to select Aspect Ratio quickly.
-7 choices of size(square, high vision TV, cinema and so on.)
-Add 4 favorite size of Aspect Ratio to "My Settings".

*Matters to be attended
-Aspect Ratio can be changed only before taking photos.

*Aspect Ratio
-35mm Film(3:2)
-High-definition TV(16:9)
-Cinema Scope(2.35:1)
-Medium format film 645(3:4)
-Medium format film 66(1:1)
-Medium format film 67(7:6)

If you have some problems, please try the following.

1.Delete the app.
2.Restart your iPhone.
3.Reinstall the app.

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