Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Orange Petal, LLC
Price $5.00
Description Reflections is the Flickr client you've been waiting for. Simple, elegant, a joy to use. The entire Flickr universe is waiting.

Reflections isn't just a great way to browse photos on Flickr, it's a great way to find photos too. Search by tag, text, place, or find photos taken near your current location. Adding comments is easy. Adding photos you love to your favorites is even easier.

Edit the title, description, and tag-set for each of your photos. Add related tags to your photos using Flickr's powerful tag clusters.

Reflections's rich browsing capabilities, including full-screen view with swiping and device oriented rotations, give you unfettered access to the billions of photos Flickr has to offer.

Full Feature List:
* View your sets, groups, photostream, and favorites
* Easily find the photos with a particular tag for any user
* Save photos to your camera roll to be used as wallpaper
* Background updates, no refresh buttons
* Full screen, swipe photo view, with device oriented rotations
* Edit the title and description of your photos
* Tag editor lets you add/delete/create tags
* Use tag clusters to easily add new tags that are related to existing tags
* Post comments to photos and sets
* Explore the Flickr Interesting photostream
* Easily find photos geo-tagged near you current location
* Search Flickr photos by tag, text, and place.
* View the public photos, sets, and groups of each photograph's owner
* Photo and set information is cached for quick access
* You can change the size of the self cleaning cache
* Add photos to your favorites
* Explore others’ favorites and recent photos
* Take photos with the iPhone camera
* Upload photos to Flickr from the iPhone camera or the built-in Photo app
* View photos in slideshow mode
* Easily change visibility permissions for your photos

Explore the Flickr universe without even signing up for an account. Explore and Search are available without logging in. Discover the wonder of Flickr and join today!

We've got quite a few great ideas for additional features, please help support the continued development of Reflections by telling your friends about it.

Reflections uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed nor certified by Flickr.

Preferences for Reflections can be accessed through the Settings app.

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