Current Version Version: 2.2.0
Author Masaaki Matsubara
Price $2.00
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Description "Symmetry" will take you to the completely symmetry world.Use your favorite photos and get a taste of the beauty of symmetrical style and you will be amazed with the photos. *Features -You can create symmetry images in a second. -You can scroll through an image. -You can flick through images. -Vertical/horizontal position of iPhone will be detected and images are saved as displayed on the screen. *Functions -Display images in symmetry. -Switch the axis of a symmetrical image to vertical/horizontal way. -Import images from Camera.(only iPhone) -Import images from Photo Album. -Scroll images. -Multiply symmetry axes. -Multiply symmetry axes at random. -Save images *About this application -Auto resize the image. -No reduce/ enlarge the image yourself. *Reviews -iPhonegraphy "The folks over at Gravity Loves Time have created something that's hard to find in the appstore" -AppVee "For those of you who consider yourself artistic or just are looking for a way to kill some time, this app will be great for you." (Deutsch)

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