Current Version Version: 1.02
Author C Squared Enterprises, Inc
Price $18.00
Description The best time to organize your photos is when you take them. Photosmith fills the gap in the photographer's workflow by letting you organize, rate, tag and label your photos while on the road. When you get back you can easily sync with Adobe Lightroom® on your PC or Mac. Whether you’re on personal vacation or a paid location shoot (or just the couch) traveling lighter is practically a necessity these days. Leave the power supplies, cords, mice, and bags behind and get a head start on your work with only your iPad and Photosmith. For about half the price of the Camera Connection Kit, you can review your photos at 100% zoom right away to make sure you got the shot, capture those all-important keywords before you forget them, or share the photos on Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, or email. When you’re back in Lightroom sync up your changes and pick up right where you left off. ----- Features ----- Organizing & Tagging • Start organizing before you get back and the photos are fresh in your mind • Create collections and keywords and assign them to photos • Rate, label, filter, and organize photos • View EXIF information, including ISO, shutter speed, f/stop, etc • Set title, caption, description, and IPTC RAW workflow • View your RAW images, even from pro-level dSLRs • Support for RAW+JPG • Support for 100% zoom • Fast — RAW viewing optimized for iPad and its capabilities Sync with Adobe Lightroom® • Free Photosmith Lightroom plugin • Sync your collections, keywords, ratings, labels, EXIF, and IPTC • Import your photos from the iPad directly to Lightroom over Wi-Fi - no other steps required • Alternatively, import the files via USB for faster speeds, and then sync your tagging over Wi-Fi • Changes made in Lightroom are sent back to the iPad • Lightroom keywords are automatically transferred to the iPad for use in the field Social Sharing • Share your photos with family, friends, or clients remotely using Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, or email • Select individual photos or an entire collection • Share in different sizes • Choose the album / set to upload to, and set permissions • Photo title, caption, and keywords added in Photosmith are also uploaded to services that support them ----- Requirements ----- • iPad with iOS 4.2+ • Apple® Camera Connection Kit • Lightroom 3.0+ on Mac or Windows • Photosmith Lightroom plugin available for free from our website • Wi-Fi connection during sync ----- Limitations ----- Development of Photosmith is ongoing, and new features are already in the works. However, we don’t pretend that the app is perfect for everyone’s workflow - each person works with their photos differently. So, be aware of some of the things the app cannot do in the current version: • Your photos can only be sent from Photosmith to Lightroom. You cannot send your existing photos to the iPad in this version. • You cannot edit the actual image (exposure, contrast, brightness, etc) • Photos cannot be tagged in groups • Most mainstream cameras are supported, but some cameras have limited support • Full list of features and limitations can be found on the website We are adding many more features based on user feedback and encourage users to make requests to help determine future enhancements. ----- Support ----- No matter if you are a professional photographer or casual hobbist, we are committed to supporting you. Photosmith interacts with many different facets of the digital workflow, so there are many opportunities for surprises. If you have a problem or just want to make a suggestion for a future enhancement, we urge you to contact us so that we can improve the app for everyone. ————————————————— Watch the demo at: F